Reach the Night Sky - A Dream

Living the dream .. I miss the old time. Past-Now-Future

01. Dari reaksi-reaksi berikut ini tentukan asam-basa konyugasi :
a. HNO3 + H2O <=> H3O[+] + NO3[-]
b. NH3 + H2O <=> NH4[+] + OH[-]
c. CH3COOH + HNO2 <=> CH3COOH2[+] + NO2[-]
d. HCO3[-] + H2O <=> H3O[+] + HPO4[2-]
e. H[-] + H2O <=> OH[-] + H2
f. H2PO4[-] + H2O <=> H3O[+] + HPO4[2-]
g. H2PO4[-] + HBr <=> H3PO4 + Br[-]
02. Manakah diantara spesi-spesi berikut yang dapat merupakan zat amfiprotik ?
a. H2O
b. CO3[2-]
c. NH3
d. HCO3[-]
e. SO4[2-]
f. HSO4[-]
g. HPO4[2-]
h. NO2[-]
i. CH3COO[-]
j. PO4[3-]
03. Tentukan basa konyugasi dari :
a. HCO3[-]
b. H2PO4[-]
c. H3O[+]
d. NH3
e. H2O
f. CH3COOH2[+]
04. Tentukan asam konyugasi dari :
a. HCO3[-]
b. HPO4[2-]
C. H[-]
d. HSO4[-]
e. HS[-]
f. H2O
05. Diketahui reaksi :
HNO2(aq) + H2O (l) <=> NO2[-](aq) + H3O+(aq)
Di dalam larutan terdapat sedikit ion-ion H3O[+] dan NO2[-].
Terangkan apakah :
a. HNO2 asam lebih kuat atau lebih lemah dari H3O[+]
b. H2O basa lebih kuat atau lebih lemah dari NO2[-]

Hi !! Eh I never realized this blog have already gone 1 year old. And there's still many sparse blank spot needed to fill in but too bad I'm rarely post something over here :D

Well so far. I actually want to retell my 5 days experiencing Malaysia (the Truly Asia, as in their slogan.) but.. Midterm test made everything tears up ! Oh my midterm is unfortunately, BAD. I really disappointed with my score. Especially CHEMISTRY, my favorite subject ever ever..

Talking about CHEMISTRY, I've made a really really BIG dis-advancement... since moving out to SMAK2 because I'm failed in SMAK5 *Hey Nightmare ! Shoo !* I have ...
1) Sleeping deeply in Chemistry Class.
2) Being such fool ain't doing anything in Chem lab just watching and watching other's working.
3) My Chemistry test score is running down the hill. 97 => 90 => 73 => ??? Oh big NO !
4) Usually forget to bring Lab coat and Lab book that disappoint my teacher.
5) Unlike facing normal condition, I'm really afraid I can't advance in path to Chemistry Championship. I've got too many heavy rival and they're smart.
6) Being such way too stupid to qualify for the recent Chemistry Contest. Oh MAN ! ><
7) And I'm extremely afraid I can't pass my way to Chemistry Science Club, like last year, because seems like SMAK2 is giving a really different system than SMAK5 for SC students...

Ah, stop talking about Chemistry. It would never ends :P
I'm trying to remember.. Why do I made this blog at the first place, 1 year ago ?
Wonderful. I can't remember anything or it is just for fun and no purpose ?
Farewell. See ya !

So. Today I get up and get ready to school before I found out that my lil' brother is not ready yet at all.. off course, it resulted in me getting late and dropped-out from school.. Seeing that my Mother is doing bed-rest a home and my Father has gone to work.. I decided (forced) to get home by Transjakarta Busway. Meanwhile, all of my friends are studying the gravitation of F=G.m1.m2.R^-2 in Ms. Norak's class... and I want to join ! Uhh..
Seeing that my Bus is passing through Gambir-2 Busway station which is quite near to the MONAS.. I decided to visit it hoho.. fyi, I've rarely been to is the first time I go alone (and won't anymore, I think)..

I've arrived around 7:45AM and MONAS haven't opened yet.. I read it is written Open : 8:00 AM BUT it opens at 8:30 AM.. so I walking around the park and once thinking about changing my Batik clothes to my School's sport uniform while I realize that the sport's uniform have a big SMAK 2 PENABUR emblem and I don't have anywhere else to put my extra-heavy bag on..

Gate : OPEN !
8:30 AM has come and I log in to Monas through the underground Tunnel, buy the Rp2000 Entrance Ticket and go to the Upper-Lift ticket and realize I should buy the one that cost Rp1000 because I'm a student. I buy a student Lift-ticket for Rp3500 and get up to that 110m high..building.. found out how Jakarta undermist is.. Amazing! Unluckily I can't see my Kelapa Gading because it's still in a mist.. and I proof that Sun is rising from the East, because the Eastern part is really shiny and I almost can't see anything there..

The BULEE incidence..
Not to be arrogant of what, please foreigner, feel free to talk to me in English ! I can understand your language and I can help you to go where you want, instead trying to talk to me in your influent Indonesian which I'll reply in English either.. hehe. Do my face looks somewhat like a donkey that can't talk English ? A Bulee scream to me : TIKET !!! hey.. impolite .. anyway.. I replied.. right there through the tunnel.. LOL..

Getting home..
After visiting the upper part, middle part and lowest part of MONAS, I decided to go home and soon find out that place where I drop from Transjakarta and place where I am now is like West to East, vice versa.. Bringing my heavy bag.. I'm walking hopelessly to the Transjakarta station and waited for the bus. Bus comes, I get home.. and fell asleep..

Well.. that's what happen when I wasn't in school because of that belated accident.. will update soon !

Was I fell for you ? I thought it just a perception of love.. but..

I was standing in a middle of empty room but Piano.. night 7:30PM and there's a big shadow over me.. I lost my mind.. I was thinking about girls I've played out with.. girls I play in order so I can forget you.. Cause 'Distraction' always the best way to forget someone.. but..What happen today ? I can only think of you.. I try to find another girl in another school.. so I can forget you. But alas, I can't. Why your face is floating on my mind ?? I know I've tried my best to forget you.. I find too many activities.. From being extra Introvert to being slight Extrovert now, all just to forget you ! Why it's so hard ? Were I having my first love ? Weren't it was only a perception ? Is love this sad ? If I really loves you,why on hell I will banish you out like your not priceless anymore in my bottomless heart ? Why ? Man.

And why regret always come last ?
I can't think anything right now.. I just.. miss.. her.. smile and her.. EVERYTHING ... 

Well.. for a fast update. I wasted 365 days of my bachelor year and I failed to get Science then I move on from my school to smak2, another school in another part of Jakarta. Now I lose almost all of my smak5 friend and I'm too introvert to made more friends in smak2. awful. Now I can only regretting what has happened...

"I was blinded by nastiest of nasty devil that I try as hard as I can to deny that it is all my fault and I keep searching for another school another way to get Science through any way. And I know I lose one big thing, is my  FRIENDS"

And I don't make friend easily..
And I can't be as free as I used to be..
And I miss all my friends...
And I ...

U know what ? In few hours, valentine will occur together with CNY. Farewell, this is the first time ever I saw this 2 important event happening together.. CNY is my traditional annual umm no, lunar new year. Valentine.. is day where all love blossom. Hmm.
Well. For me, the best thing ever spending new year's eve is seeing Firework, with Plenty of Sparkling Wine... with every jolliness and tears of joy. And tomorrow is a day where the lucky red bag is coming ahead . MONEY ! But I think I shall end my dream to sent her a love letter. It's not sufficient at all. No marker is on stock on store. Grr. Think this is not my lucky year. Hhh
More coming ! The party is getting started.

Umm.. it's getting too late to post my resolution here, but after all, I promised. First, I want to get free from the Coprophilia, then I want to be her boyfriend *lol far far away from reality rofl

Yeah ! There'll be demo tomorrow, said to force our president SBY to retired as a president.. Well I don't want to comment much about that one. . bit afraid of jail .. lol
Aaaaargh I can't access either Restaurant City or Pet Society (Nooo !!! This is HELL)
Well I still play Country Story but I want Bondi Beach Wallpaper !!
Aha, talking about Bondi Beach.. I used to go to Australia 6 years ago .. it was a great place. We spent a morning in Bondi Beach .. ah I wanna came back to Australiaa !! *whining lol
More story about Australia coming !!

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